Core Technology

Technical Specifications


To help our customers produce, align, fine-tune and analyze high quality objects with tolerances down to tens of nanometers and micro-radians.


NanoSmith specializes in creating cost-effective, durable, and reliable nanometric positioning products. NanoSmith was founded by Dr. Sie Poon Chang in 2008 in Port Jefferson Station, New York, USA as a sole proprietorship company. Dr. Chang graduated from Columbia University with a Ph. D. in Physics in 1989. Since then, he has been searching for a solution in performing better precision work to fit small budgets. Over twenty years of study, Dr. Chang has become a nanometric positioning expert. In 2007, he developed a unique design for a manual translation stage with a resolution in the nanometer-range, and coined the term Mechanical Nanomover. In 2009, the Nanomover design was granted with patents in many countries, including USA, Germany, Japan, China, and Taiwan. NanoSmith now owns two nano-precision products, the Nanomover and the Dual Precision Micro/Nano Mirror Mount, with nine patents from these five countries mentioned above. In 2012, NanoSmith entered a partnership with GMT Global, Inc., a successful manufacturer in Taiwan. Together NanoSmith and GMT Global, Inc. are able to develop more robust product lines that better serve the needs of our customers.



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